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On September 30th, Show your Support! 


On September 30th, Canadians from coast to coast will come together in the spirit of reconciliation and wear orange 
shirts in honour of Residential School survivors and hope for a better future. 

A Great Way to Raise Funds for Your School or Community!

Please stand by. This page will be updated on April 5th, 2021.


Timothy Foster

2020 Orange Shirt Design Contest Winner 

My name is Timothy Foster and I am Gitxsan from the house of Niisto in the Lax Seel clan. I am honoured to have my design chosen for this orange shirt contest provided by Indigenous Printing and Office Solutions. This chosen design was actually a memorial piece I created not long ago in remembrance of my late wife and son who I lost in a span of 6 years. I thought it would be fitting to enter the design into the contest as my late wife and I both understood the importance of the orange shirt day and what it meant and how hard and difficult it is to change and rid our future generation of the vicious cycles residential schools created in our families. She also always had a dream of opening a food bank in our community to help others in hardship and having this design represent such an important cause I believe is very fitting as it will help bring awareness to every child matters, which she a had a deep and loving passion for, not only our children but for all families and their children as well. Thank you and please stay safe.

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