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On February 24, 2021 Canadians will take a stand against bullying and wear pink shirts to show their support for safe and inclusive schools, workplaces and communities.

A Great Way to Raise Funds for your School or Community!
Order your pink t-shirts and hoodies in bulk to raise funds for community programs. One dollar will be donated to indigenous education and anti-bullying causes in your province for every shirt purchased. 
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Hoodies $20 each
T-Shirts $7.50 each
* Optional - add a custom logo for an additional charge
* Shipping and taxes are extra
* 2XL– 4XL additional cost
* Minimum order is 24 T-shirts or 24 Hoodies
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Jeremiah Peters

Pink Shirt Design Contest Winner 

Jeremiah Peters is a Coast Salish artist from WSÁNEĆ.

I chose the thunderbird for their great strength and protection. the wings wrapped around the Childs's face, from the biggest hearts to the smallest.