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Tungasugit, Welcome. Originally from Williams Lake, British Colombia, Brandy Jones is an Inuit artist based out of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Her art is an abstract interpretation of many styles of native art combined. Her work is inspired by Haida and Salish art, with the bright colors to represent the Blackfoot, Plains Indians and many other nations. The style of her work comes together to represent the unity of a nation and forms a unique contemporary style of her own that has not been seen before. Her work is meant to place spotlight on and uplift the Indigenous Peoples of Canada and the beauty of their heritage.

She has had the opportunity to do some works for a charity in her community and is very proud of her Facebook page where she highlights indigenous success and anything else indigenous. She also gives much of her time to the custom artwork that she has the privilege of creating for people. Her use of abstract mixed mediums leaves the viewer with the curiosity to explore the layers of beauty that lie within Canada's Indigenous peoples.

When asked about Brandy’s art submission (pictured below) to the Orange Shirt Contest she states, “the piece represents a child’s head with two feathers attached, the feathers to me meant all of Indigenous peoples from all over. Feathers of a bird can be found everywhere. So can our people. Every child matters because our future depends on them, the way they see the world is how it's going to become. If a child was the one saying 'every child matters', then shouldn’t it mean something? Children can understand their importance and show their pride and make that change. It may be a long 'meaning' behind it, although it is how I feel about the piece's relativity to the day (Orange Shirt Day)."

More of Brandy Jones’s work can be found on


Instagram: @brandyjonesindigenousartist

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