Artist Samantha Moise

“The story that my pieces represent are from the two fasts that I had participated in. The first is about the child. What came to me around my birth story is my Dad beat my mum when she was pregnant with me. Later on, she went into labour while they were in Vancouver. I was delivered at 28 weeks and 1.2 lbs. (as told to me by my mum) what I discovered was in the 60’s premature babies were left covered in the incubator because they believed that overstimulation did damage. Also, my parents, we’re young aboriginal people told by an authoritarian doctor That I wouldn’t survive. Months later the RCMP came to my parents who were back in our northern reserve that I was released and put into foster care until they could come and get me. By then, I was told my parents were no longer considered in a relationship. What I learned from this was “a child is born into the chaos of their parent's lives” I forgave my parents for my feelings of abandonment because I get that they were told by the expert. My belief from this is that a child should be in the centre of everyone who would develop a confident loved and egocentric child. The walk that the child is taking long the red road (feather) needs to be guided by an adult.

The spider web came to me in the form of many spiders and webs that showed up. As well my experience with a bear and wolves and me protecting the children in my life. I was told the bear represents health and the wolves a new beginning. Nanguz tseke is the spiritual name gifted to me which translates fox woman.“

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